Whey Cool Cheese Workshop

10 Sep

What an awesome day and crowd.  Today we made Feta and Halloumi Cheese with amazing participants and Alex and I enjoyed it.  Extremely grateful to the efforts and the enthusiam of all that participated.  @acanadianfoodie, @bigaddie and @pliezar thank you.  As well as Andrew, Stephanie, Amy and Andrew, and Darren appreciate all of your enthusiasm and hope that you enjoyed the day as well..  We were very nervous to set this day up, but we learned a great deal from the participants nad we hope that they got something out of it as well.

I am new to blogging but i will get better as time goes on so i will be relying on the other CHEESEPALOOZAs expertise! :).  Already we have more participants wanting another workshop so I think we are on the right track.  It is not all about teaching or revealing techniques but about sharing and finding out what we can provide for the consumer in the world of cheese.  Please check out the websites and sign up for Cheesepalooza.  As a partner we are here to provide additional experiences in cheese making and allow hands on cheesemaking.